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Anette I. Hagan
Urban Scots Dialect Writing

This study explores the fundamental issues - linguistic, historical, cultural and discoursive - involved in the written representation of urban Scots. Offering a comprehensive linguistic description of Glaswegian, it examines its use and functions in 20th-century Glasgow fiction. The study argues that urban Scots is a coherent variety perfectly suitable as a literary medium alongside any other standard or non-standard variety of English. Throughout, the book draws on examples from Glasgow fiction for illustration, culminating in the analyses of representative text passages and of authenticity in their dialogue representation.

  • Language varieties, Standard English and Scots
  • Synchronic description of Glaswegian
  • Relationships between: sound and symbol, spoken and written language, perception and representation of dialect
  • Analyses of selected passages from the novels No Mean City; Dance of the Apprentices; The Changeling; Mr Alfred MA; Its Colours They Are Fine

Die Autorin
nette I. Hagan was born in Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Germany. She studied English, Divinity and German at Mannheim and Mainz Universities. She received a PhD from the University of Edinburgh, where she is currently employed in the Library's Special Collections Division.

Peter Lang Verlag, 2002, 346 S.
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