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Darrell T. Tryon (Hrsg.)
Comparative Austronesian Dictionary
An Introduction to Austronesian Studies

Language and the ability to use and acquire language are the most important characteristic of mankind. Linguistics tries to account for the wealth of divergent properties of languages from different theoretical perspectives in order to contribute to a deeper understanding of what makes language and the human species.

TRENDS IN LINGUISTICS aims at providing a comprehensive forum for publications in Linguistics covering the entire range of language, including its variation and variability in space and time, its acquisition, theories on the nature of human language in general, and descriptions of individual languages. The series is especially interested in publications addressing the state of the art of Linguistics as a whole or of specific subfields, and in publications that offer challenging new approaches to Linguistics.

TRENDS IN LINGUISTICS adopts a maximally integrative policy and welcomes contributions in all theoretical approaches, both from the formal and from the functional perspectives. Since linguistic theories depend on the insightful analysis of empirical data, both cross-linguistic and language-specific. Trends in Linguistics is also particularly interested in solid descriptions of languages, past and present, which may stimulate and challenge theoretical discussion. All languages, whether spoken by millions or just by a few individuals, are equally important. Indeed, the fact that a language is on the verge of extinction makes data collection and interpretation a particularly urgent concern.

de Gruyter Verlag, 1995, 3564 S.
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